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English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature A Level qualification is a course for students who are interested in studying a board range of texts on a literary and linguistic level. It offers students an opportunity to engage with a variety of spoken, written and multi-modal texts and to demonstrate, in each unit of the course, their awareness of the importance of context in both the production and the reception of spoken and written texts. An additional attractive feature of the specification is the opportunity it provides students to respond creatively to literary texts, both during Year 1 and Year 2. 

Students will analyse and evaluate works of Literature such as novels, poetry and plays as well as engage with non-fiction and media texts such as newspaper articles, advertisements, historical journals, emails and transcripts of everyday speech. The course requires a passion for exploring Literature in a traditional sense through extended essay writing but also a rigorous approach to textual analysis and a commitment to deepening an understanding of how specific structures and parts of the language work in both written and spoken modes. This is an ideal option for students who enjoy reading as well as deconstructing texts in a relatively clinical manner.

Exam board: AQA

Essential Entry Requirements: Standard Sixth Form requirements.

Preferred Entry Requirements: Grade 6 or above in GCSE English Language.


All assessment is conducted in Year 2 and comprises of a piece of written coursework and two examinations as detailed below.

Component 1: Telling Stories (Exam Written Paper) 40%

Section A – Remembered Places one question on AQA Anthology: Paris (40 marks)

Section B – Imagined Worlds prose set text (35 marks)

Section C – Poetic Voices poetry set text (25 marks)

Component 2: Exploring Conflict (Exam Written Paper) 40%

Section A – re-creative writing (25 marks) and critical commentary (30 marks) The Great Gatsby

Section B – one question on drama set text A Streetcar Named Desire (40 marks)

Component 3: Coursework 20%

An investigation that explores a specific technique or theme in both literary and non-literary discourse (2500-3000 words total).

Additional Costs

We provide:  In class access to:-

AQA Paris Anthology

AQA Poetry Anthology

Other costs:  To be met by students

Dracula (Penguin Classic), Bram Stoker ISBN-13:978-0141439846 from £4.14

The Road, Cormac McCarthy ISBN-13:978-0330468466 from £3.59

A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams ISBN-13:978-0141190273 from £6.99

The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald ISBN-13:978-1853260414 from £2.25

(Prices from Amazon)

Student guides are available at student discretion.

Over the two year course there maybe the opportunity for school trips but these will not be compulsory.

Students will be provided with exam copies of the texts, but should invest in their own copies to make notes in.