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The topics studied are linked by a common theme of a search for rights, freedoms and greater equality in the twentieth century. In the USA, the quest for political, social and economic advancement looked mainly to reform existing structures. In South Africa, this quest led to more radical outcomes, bringing an end to the apartheid regime. Studying two different countries allows students to develop a greater understanding of both similarities and differences in the search for greater rights, freedoms and equalities in the twentieth century world.

The A Level examined unit comprises a study of the Tudors, exploring the nature of rebellion and disorder 1485-1603 and the way the various challenges were met, the nature of change in government over the period and the changing relationship between the Crown and key sections of society. This enables students to explore the way in which, despite a shaky start, the Tudors were able to establish their dynasty as one of the most powerful England has seen.

In contrast, coursework will be an individual study based on events of twentieth century Germany, the purpose of which is to enable students to develop skills in the analysis and evaluation of interpretations of history in a chosen question, problem or issue as part of an independently researched assignment.

Exam board:


Essential Entry Requirements:

Standard Sixth Form requirements to include grade 5 in GCSE History

Desirable Entry Requirements:

Grade 6 in GCSE History

Pre-Course Material:

This is available here.



Paper 1 (Breadth study – 30% of the qualification)

In search of the American dream: the USA c1917-96

Paper 2 (Depth study – 20% of the qualification)

South Africa, 1948-94: from apartheid state to ‘rainbow nation’

Paper 3

Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603 (30% of the qualification)

Paper 4

The making of modern Germany, 1900-1990 (coursework - 20% of the qualification)

Additional Costs

Compulsory purchase of text book for both AS units, to enable annotation of sources – approx. £22
Optional purchase of A2 text book to enable students to annotate