August 13th 2020

A-Level Results - Summer 2020

Following an extraordinary year for young people, Twynham School students collected their A-Level grades today despite not having had the opportunity to sit exams.

We are incredibly proud of all of our students. Not just for the way in which they have met the specific challenges of the awarding process but by their approach to the CV-19 crisis since March. They have remained fully engaged with their education, have grown as young people and are now preparing to enter the next phase of their lives knowing that they have the resilience, energy and optimism to successfully overcome the most difficult of hurdles.

Our focus today is on celebrating with our students and sharing in their successful progression onto the next step in their education, training or employment. This includes an unprecedented number of students who have gained Oxbridge places as well as places on the highly coveted degree apprenticeships at top employers such as JP Morgan.

We are also here to support a few of our students for whom their grades are disappointing. We are finding that many are able to progress onto their university of choice despite being awarded grades lower than expected. We are also becoming aware that clearing is offering positive alternatives for those for whom their first choice destination is no longer possible.

In any normal year, the exam grade signifies how well a student performed in an exam hall on any given day. This year students were denied the opportunity to sit these exams and the grade should now act solely as a passport to a bright future.

There will be much debate nationally and locally about the fairness of the awarding process and, as a school, we are surprised and disappointed by some of the decisions made as a result of the algorithm applied to arbitrarily create the grades. There will be time for this debate but it is not today.

Today is all about our students and we will spend it celebrating with and supporting all of those who have been a part of our school.