Pre-A Level Courses

At Twynham Sixth Form, we have been considering how best we can support students who will be moving from Year 11 to Year 12, having experienced disruption in their GCSE courses.

With this in mind, we have designed a series of Pre-A Level courses, which:

  • Recap some of the skills and content learned at GCSE, and build on this
  • Introduce some of the A Level content
  • Give students a clear idea of what it is really like to study each subject
  • Allow students to complete work independently to a Year 12 standard

You will receive an email explaining more about these courses. 

Each subject should take 2-3 hours to complete. We recommend that you follow the timeline above where possible, as not only will this help to make sure the work you produce is of good quality, it will also encourage a healthy work:life balance.

Each course has a dedicated email address of a specialist member of staff so that you can receive help and support as necessary. Please do not hesitate to use this if you encounter any problems.

Please aim to complete a Pre-A Level course in each subject that you are interested in studying at Twynham Sixth Form before you join us in September.

If you are opting to take Further Mathematics next year, please make sure you complete all of the Mathematics work given, including all the extension and 'For Interest' tasks.

There are no tasks for the Core Mathematics course, although you may wish to revise the GCSE Mathematics content.

For Pre A-Level Work Please Click Relevant Subject Below


Biology Business Studies Chemistry

Computer Science

Dance Drama Economics

English Lang & Lit

English Lit French Geography
Health & Social Care History Maths

Media Studies

Music Technology 1

Music Technology 2

Music Technology 3

PE Photography Physics


Product Design

Psychology PRE  Sociology



Should you have limited internet access or prefer to receive a printed copy of any of the above courses, please do let us know via in the first instance and we will try to assist you.