Admissions Journey

Step 1 – Attend the information evening on Thursday, 24th October at 6.30pm and download or ask for a paper copy of our prospectus.

Step 2 – Discover more about the courses available and your own preferences.

Step 3 – Attend an Open Morning in November or January.

Step 4 – Complete an Application Form. This can be done online here.

Step 5 – Submit your application by 31st January 2020. Applications received after this date will only be considered if spaces remain.

Step 6 - We will interview all applicants to Twynham Sixth Form between November 2019 and February 2020. You will receive a letter inviting you to an interview, at which we will discuss your application and your choice of subjects.

Step 7 – You will receive a letter confirming whether or not you have been offered a place.

Our Admissions Policy

Twynham Sixth Form aims to welcome students from all backgrounds and supports those with learning difficulties and disabilities to access the curriculum and operates an equal opportunities policy.

The Sixth Form receives an increasingly large number of applications each year. To ensure that growth does not take place at the expense of quality, the Governors have adopted the following admissions policy.

Every year Twynham Sixth Form will assess its predicted number of applications against its admissions number, and applicants may be given a firm offer of a place, or may be placed on a reserve list. In some cases, since Twynham Sixth Form only offers A-Level courses, it is important for students to understand that they must be able to meet the required entry requirements. It is possible that we may feel there is no suitable course available for the applicant and suggest that the student applies elsewhere to ensure that they have realistic options for their post-16 study.

When deciding which form of offer to make an applicant, the Sixth Form will take into consideration the academic entry requirements of the sixth form and the proposed programme of study. The entry requirements set for individual subjects, and the sixth form generally can be found on the on the sixth form website.

Reserve list

Once the projected enrolment number is reached students will be placed on the reserve list. Should spaces become available they will be offered to those students who have been placed on the reserve list. Allocation will be made on the academic profile of each student with the highest academic profile students being given priority. The academic profile is based on teachers’ predicted grades, or a student’s actual grades where a course has been completed.

All Applicants

  • Should demonstrate a strong commitment to further study and the ethos of the Sixth Form.
  • Satisfy the requirements for admission to the proposed programme of study.
  • Agree to adhere to the Rules of the Sixth Form as set out in the Student Handbook and to any agreements made between the Sixth Form and the individual student, parents or legal guardians that the Sixth Form can reasonably require.

Interview process

Twynham students will be interviewed as part of their post-16 progression interview process which runs from the first week of November through to the first week of December. The external interviews will begin towards the end of November / beginning of December.


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