Remote Learning

How to Access Remote Learning

All work for students in years 12 – 13 will be shared on the student gateway. The easiest way to get to the gateway is through the sixth form website. To access this work you will need a connection to the internet and a PC, laptop or tablet (such as an Ipad).  

If you do not have access to any of these devices please contact the sixth form on 01202 495745 or email us at

Before you access the student gateway, you need to know:

  • Your sixth form email address. This is the 5-digit number that you use to access the computers at sixth form, followed by
  • The password that you usually use to access the computers at sixth form.

If you can’t remember these details, please contact us using the details above.

Please follow the instructions below to access the gateway via the sixth form website.

Ts6th school gateway

Finding work student gateway

The work in the folders will be similar to the work being completed in sixth form. Please look at the work and begin with the topic that you remember working on in class or begin with work in the correctly dated folder. If you have your exercise book at home, please complete your work in that. If you don’t, please use any paper that you have at home or type your work, save it and print when you return to sixth form.

For PSHE lessons there are 40 different well-being activities to choose from.

Work for students in 6th form will be posted on the individual MS Teams page or emailed directly to the student.

Homework/Home learning

All homework will be written on the MS Teams page for your individual class.

There are three ways to access Teams:

  1. Go to and sign in with your sixth form email and password.
  2. You can then either download the app or use the online version.
  3. Download the Microsoft Teams app from the Apple Store of Google Play.

              Make sure that you sign in with your sixth form email and password.

Log in to the Student Gateway and click on the Teams icon at the top of the page.

 Microsoft teams

Once you have logged in, click on Teams in the left hand panel.  

This should show all of your classes.    Ms teams panel

Click on the correct class and see what homework has been posted.

Please bring all of your classwork and homework in to share with your teachers on your return to sixth form.

We appreciate that working independently at home can be a challenge. Please do use all of the resources available in the remote learning folders to support with the tasks that have been set. Please try your best and contact the sixth form if you require further support.