Option Blocks

A-Level Subjects

You will need to select 3 or 4 subjects, each from a different option block. The blocks will be finalised through student choice.

Block A Block B Block C Block D
Biology Business Biology Art (Fine)
Business Chemistry Business Business
Core Maths English Lang and Lit Chemistry Drama
English Literature English Literature Computing History
French Further Maths Core Maths Maths
History Geography Dance Music Technology
Maths Maths Economics Physical Education
Photography Media Studies Geography Politics
Physical Education Music Media Studies Psychology
Physics Product Design Physics Sociology
Psychology Psychology Politics  
Religious Studies Spanish Psychology  
Sociology   Sociology  


 BTEC Subjects

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of vocational courses to our post-16 students. As these are equivalent to 3 A-Levels, students are able to select one of these courses. 

Please note that it is not possible to take an A-Level subject alongside a BTEC qualification.