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Why Spanish?

The course begins by gradually building confidence in spoken and written Spanish through the study of a wide variety of aspects of modern Spanish and Latin American life and culture. Students study internet, written press, radio and TV reports and discuss ideas and contemporary issues while acquiring a broad vocabulary.

All students have weekly intensive language work with the Spanish assistant and are also expected to undertake listening exercises and vocabulary learning at home as well as preparation and consolidation work. There is also the opportunity to spend time in Spain on a study tour.

What do I need to know?

Exam board: AQA

Essential Entry Requirements: Standard Sixth Form requirements, to include grade 6 or above in GCSE Spanish

Key Content: This course content is divided into the Core Content of Social Issues and Trends,  Political and Artistic Culture, Grammar, and Literary Texts and Films.

What is the work like?

As an example of the kind of work that you will cover during the A-Level course, please find to the right the pre-A-Level material that we asked Year 11 to complete before starting their Spanish course with us in September 2020.

Spanish Phase 1Spanish Phase 2Spanish Phase 3

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Miss Stabb will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. You are welcome to email her on

To ask a Spanish student more about the course, please email and they will be happy to help you.



Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing – 50% of the A level
Paper 2: Writing – 20% of the A level
Paper 3: Speaking – 30% of the A level

Extra-Curricular opportunities

Paired speaking practice with the Spanish language assistant.
Spanish cinema – film visit
Study tour to Spain

Additional Costs

We provide:  In class access to:-

Kerboodle:  Online access to the course text for A Level Year 1 (Yr12) to include online copy of the textbook, all sound files for listening activities and interactive tasks.

Kerboodle:  Online access to the course text for A Level Year 2 (Yr13) to include online copy of the text book, all sound files for listening activities and interactive tasks.

Selected photocopies of key documents.

If you want a hard copy of the textbook these will need to be purchased.

Other costs:  To be met by students

501 Spanish Verbs – 8th edition £10.30

Literary Text Cómo agua para chocolate £7.61

Palabra por Palabra – advanced vocabulary – 6th edition – for AQA £8.91

Collins Robert Spanish Dictionary Complete and Unabridged: For advanced learners and professionals (Collins Dictionaries) £26.00 (optional but recommended. Free online dictionaries may suffice.)

All of the above may be purchased online second hand at reduced cost.

We normally arrange a language study visit to Spain of one week’s duration.  In the past this has been to Seville in Andalucia. Approx. cost £695. (Optional but very highly recommended)