Ethos Values and Mission

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There is something very special about Twynham School. It is how we do things around here and we refer to it as "The Twynham Way".

It can be summed up within our Ethos, our Values and most importantly our Mission Statement. 

Ethos - our BEST

BelieveWe encourage all of our students to believe in themsleves, to believe in each other and to believe in our school and our community. We are optimistic in our outlook and we see the good in the people around us.

EnjoyWe want our students to enjoy their education. This doesn't mean that it will always be "fun" but that our students get a sense of enjoyment from their time at Twynham School. We want them to enjoy their work but also to enjoy a range of experiences and most importantly to enjoy the company of those around them.

SucceedWe believe that all of our students can succeed in life. Each student is an individual and will have different strengths and aspirations but we encourage all of our students to "aim high" to set goals and targets and to show determination to achieve these.

TogetherThe strength of our school can be found in its community. We do not work in isolation and we believe that we can be better and stronger by working together to achieve our best. We encourage our students to work in the service of their community and to see the successes of each other as their own success.

Values - our DNA

At Twynham School we explicitly teach students the importance of our values. More information can be found about our Character Education can be found here.

Twynham Students are...

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Our Mission Statement sets out how we our school will achieve our vision.

Twynham School will provide world class experiences that will unlock potential by:

Ensuring the utmost importance is placed on the value of people. High quality relationships are carefully cultivated and everyone is recognised as an individual. Our compassion is a strength of our organisation.

We focus on delivering a world class academic curriculum. Designed using evidence-informed approach to ensure that students are taught a highly ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum.

We maintain a relentless focus on high-quality teaching. Expert induction programmes support new teachers from their training to the end of their 3rd year of teaching. Whole-school approaches to pedagogy are both research-led and supported by meaningful and effective CPD. Ongoing professional development supports teachers to be masters of their craft.

We have high expectations of all students, made explicit to them through our Excellence as Standard approach. Routines are developed that enable students to focus on their learning. Clarity over learning behaviours enable students to perform at their best and systems and structures are in place that ensure excellent attendance for all.

We pay explicit attention to the development of character through our DNA. These are the clearly stated values of all who belong to the school and we create opportunities for students to live out these values through a wide and varied extra-curricular programme, the student council, student leadership opportunities, charity events and community work.

Prioritising inclusion and support for all who need it by insisting that Every Child Matters. Every teacher is a teacher of SEND and the role of the tutor has status and meaning. Whole-school approaches to supporting wellbeing are deliberately planned and expertly implemented and bespoke support is delivered through a highly trained student services team.

We plan for the future. From the Spring of Year 6 through to the end of Year 13 our students have access to expert progression planning.Dovetailing the work of the pastoral team, the PSHE curriculum and our expert  careers staff, our students are encouraged to think ahead and to think BIG.