Here at Twynham Sixth Form there’s a great sense of community, and although we are part of a big school, there’s a whole different feel in the Sixth Form. We have students join us from a range of schools and making friends seems to come easy.

We think that working together is one of our strengths. That’s why one of the first activities is a day’s paintballing. It’s a hilarious, and if we’re honest, rather vicious way of getting to know your fellow students, but by the end of it you will have found out all kinds of things about people who will be studying alongside you. And you’ll probably end up finding out some things about yourself too!

Of course the Sixth Form isn’t all about paintballing. One of our strengths is the links we have with the wider community which give you the opportunity to spread your wings, show off your talents and make a difference. We work closely with local charities and businesses. We hold concerts in the Priory and put on drama productions that are attended by many people who live in the local area.

Jy Taylor   formal   croppedAnd then there’s the wider community still and links with Uganda, Kenya, New Zealand and India. You can go there and meet people whose lives are very different from ours, people who often appreciate the value of education even more than we do.

Mr Jy Taylor